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About Us

CapriCo Goat Milk is a concoction of 14 Herbs and Medicinal plants which are part of a goat's diet, giving goat milk its distinctive brackish flavour. The milk has high Buffering capacity which balances stomach pH and prevents gastric ulcers. Its unique lipid structure primarily is composed of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT,s) aka Good Fat, which prevents cardiovascular disease and renders trouble free digestion. Goat milk is rich source of Selenium, which is a powerful antioxidant and boosts human immunity against diseases. CapriCo power packs these bundle of benefits in environment friendly, reusable glass bottles, delivering this age old 'aushadhi' to your door step.

CapriCo is marketed by NN Breeds and Seeds India Private Limited. The company is a Social Enterprise committed to the cause of Rural development through small livestock based livelihoods, contributing its onus to National mission of doubling rural producer income. The firm aims to transform entire livestock rearing value chain through accessible and affordable backward linkages propelled by remunerative and sustainable markets, positively impacting rural producers and delighting customers.

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